Aiming to share information and experience in keeping and breeding cichlids, Rainbowfish,
& other native Australian fishes.  
I have closed my small fish hatchery, ending years of a hobby in aquaculture.  WHY?  Simply, the power costs became too high following the privatisation of the power industry in my home State of South Australia.

I keep this site as an educational resource for all those who have enjoyed it in the past and for new folk who come across it.
Happy fish keeping.  Enjoy these notes.
Fish Keeping: notes on fish keeping and setting up an aquarium. Australia's Gondwanaland Heritage: geology and palaeontology meet
Keeping Discus: general notes on keeping Discus. Keeping Bettas: an introduction to Betta splendens
Keeping Lemon Cichlids: a brief profile on Lemon Cichlids   Types of Bettas: genetic types of Betta splendens.
Keeping Native Australian Fishes: profiles on fish in our hatchery  Maintenance for Bettas: water changes, cleaning & disease control.
Australian Rainbowfish: profiles on keeping selected species Breeding Bettas: an outline of breeding Betta splendens.
New Guinea Rainbowfish: profiles on selected New Guinea species Treating Diseases in Bettas and other fishes.
Blue-eyes: profiling selected species and how to keep them. In Memory of Draco, My Australian Arowana

Marker Controlling Algae in Aquaria

Marker Preparing Beef-heart Mix for Fish Food

  Put a Leopard in Your Tank: Profiling Phalloceros caudimaculatus

Crassula helmsii: Profiling an aquatic plant of Australia and New Zealand

Prohibited Aquatic Plants in Australia: species not to use in aquariums or ponds

Meet Xena, our ball of energy, and Millie, our ball of fluff,
the two guardians of home and garden,
who extend a big welcome to all who pass this way.

Last updated 22/10/2007

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